JObs for Moms

Role responsibilities:

-Create effective email campaigns based on proven methods that will convert readers into Storyblaster users.
-Write and edit headlines and copy using expertise while keeping Storyblaster’s unique style & voice.
-Design and create winning email templates, as well as graphics to include in emails.
-Improve current email flows to existing users in an effort to reduce churn and add value.
-Analyze and report email campaign metrics & continuously test and improve results.
-Implement an email marketing calendar that supports Storyblaster’s other content & marketing teams and initiatives.
-Provide input regarding email list building and the most cost-effective ways to add new users to our email flows.

Required skills & experience:

-Previous experience creating successful email drip marketing campaigns, including graphic design, copywriting, list management, analytics tracking, follow-up messaging, and campaign performance measurements.
-Comprehensive knowledge of top email marketing/list management suites such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Klaviyo, etc. (Please highlight any Klaviyo experience as it’s a definite plus!)
-Ability to continuously test & improve subject lines, preview text, and graphics.
-Experience achieving targets for user acquisition, upsells, and additional KPI’s driven via email marketing.
-Knowledge of industry software including Google Analytics, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, and project management tools – experience with Atlassian Suite or similar software will be helpful as well.
-Ability to assign tasks and manage workflows with other team members as needed.