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  • October 14, 2020
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Jobseekers on Board
October 14, 2020
Remote, CO
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Jobseekers on Board
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Medical, Transcription
Must meet all job description requirements.
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DOE; paid by the line
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Jobseekers on Board is seeking for someone to fill the position of an eScriptionist that specializes in the Medical Language to work remotely in the U.S.

We typically have various positions available on the EditScript platform. 

Schedule availability may vary based on the time of your application and all positions are listed in Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDT). Schedules typically can include 1st, 2nd, or 3rd shifts. Most schedules do include one weekend day.


  • We embrace the speech recognition environment. As such an MLS will get both speech and text work. We do not routinely limit the flow or volume of these. An MLS may get one speech job then a text job and these must be transcribed as received without rejecting or cherry-picking.

  • When an MLS receives a text job on their computer, they are looking at an MS Word document with headers, footers, and in many cases template headings already defined. They follow the guidelines of the account and transcribe the document.

  • Once the MLS receives a speech job on their computer, it will look much the same as a text job; however, words will be pre-populated on the screen (looking like a draft of the document). The MLS will listen 100% to the note (same as if transcribing traditionally) and will edit/correct the document as they go along.

  • The end result in speech should be the same as it would be in text when the MLS completes it. This is not a QA position. It is a production position with the MLS being paid a per-line rate. Almost all accounts we have are speech recognition accounts.

Employee Status:

MLS's are expected to adhere to a specific schedule. Time off and flexibility can be requested in advance, but unless otherwise arranged, the employee is expected to work this routine schedule. Full-time requires a 40-hour scheduled week with a minimum of 35 hours actual production.

Production time is tracked off the technology system and monitors the time an MLS is actually in the document working (hands on the keyboard or foot on the pedal). If an MLS is idle in excess of 4 minutes the time stops tracking. They must remain actively working (unless taking a break and are logged out of the system).

If researching, give it 3 minutes. If unable to find, leave a blank and move on. Not only does this method keep an MLS more productive, but it is utilized as our remote method of “punching the clock” and is monitored daily to ensure consistent and timely coverage for our facilities.

Part-time is available to employees at a minimum of 20 hours weekly (maximum of 24 hours).

Benefits are not available to part-time employees.


We are proud to say that we have never adjusted or varied the line count whatsoever of what is paid to our MLS employees, and we believe we are the only company that can say this.

Most MLS's look only at the rate they are earning per line, but there can be a significant variance and many MTSO's (Medical Transcription Service Organizations) hide lines to build in their margin.


65-character line count including spaces, tokens, as well as an additional 5 lines per document to compensate for the demographic and carbon information that would otherwise appear in a header/footer.

Tokens are category headers (Past Medical History, History of Present Illness, etc.) that are inserted whether the MD dictates or not from the speech technology. Most companies do not pay for headers, footers, or tokens in a report.

COMPENSATION: DOE; paid by the line


To get connected to this client please register to become a member with us by clicking on and reference agent ID code JSOBTanyaPhilip when you sign up online.

We will be in contact with you within 24 hours via email.

Please call today 1 (405) 586-8415 if you have further questions.

Job Requirements


• Work must be finished product quality as we will not routinely proof work.

• No work can be subbed out to other MLS, without prior notification and approval, including confidentiality statements and specific contracts.

• No work, under any circumstances, can leave the U.S.

• Employees are required to complete a W-4 and an I-9 form.

• All MLS's will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement and agree to remain compliant with HIPAA regulations.


The MLS is responsible for their home-office environment:

• high-speed Internet connectivity

• compatible computer with MS Word or Office

• USB foot pedal

All of these are needed to work as a medical transcriptionist and are not provided by our company. We will provide and support the platform software, but ultimately the responsibility to have all equipment in good working order is yours.



A minimum of 3 years current acute-care transcription/editing experience within the last five years. This includes transcribing/editing report types such as histories and physical, operative notes, consultations and discharge summaries for a wide variety of specialties in a hospital environment.

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