Working From Home: No Longer A Perk But A Necessity


As of 2019 remote workers makeup, 5.3% of the workforce and are expected to grow. Flexibility drives the need and the want to work remotely. There’s flexibility in how we communicate, in the tools we use, as well as the flexibility in hours we work.


When asked to provide reasons why working remotely compared to working at a brick and mortar work establishment is more appealing, people had this to say: (1) It’s about work-life balance, (2) Cutting cost, (3) Personal space, (4) Ability to focus and concentrate, (5) They’re forced to be more organized and, (6) They’re able to set their own hours.

Some work at home job seekers relishes in the fact they’re able to move to a smaller community without the high cost-of-living despite a cut in pay. To that advantage, some states such as: (1) Vermont, (2) Massachusetts and, (3) Utah are offering incentives such as grants to either reduce traffic for those choosing remote works, or incentivizing companies  with tax credits to offer more work at home opportunities in less economical areas, as well as offering grants to out of towners.


The growth has increased for parents and millennials. Parents working remotely have the freedom to tend to child-care needs such as caring for a sick child. Parents can make parent-teacher meetings, attend school events and participate in school activities.


Companies and organizations, such as: (1) Dell, (2) Amazon, (3) United Healthcare and, (4) Salesforce are also realizing the benefits of offering their employees the opportunity to work remotely. According to Harvard Business Review and Stanford Review, companies and organizations were found to have experienced increased productivity and lower employee turnover. To stay competitive and hire top performers, employers realized working remotely should not be considered a perk, but a necessity for their current and prospective employees.


Workspaces are becoming more popular as the idea of working at home becomes more of a necessity. Workspaces allow for the one-on-one connection missing from working alone at home. It still provides the interactions and resources and amenities as if working in an actual office. For employers, workspaces cut the cost of long-term leases. With workspaces, employees are able to come in for just a meeting or a collaborative session and work remotely the rest of the time. Workspaces are expected to grow up to 13% by 2030.


As for many advantages of working remotely, they are also some disadvantages according to a study done. Such disadvantages include: (1) No face to face interactions, (2) Working and living in the same space, (3) Always being “on”, (4) The loneliness of not having co-workers, (5) The trap of  working longer hours, and (6) The difficulty of different time zones as well as (7) The never-ending search for wifi connection.

There is another type of disadvantage and it’s the ever-growing acts of scammers. This happens a lot to work at home job seekers. According to the Better Business Bureau, since its launch of the BBB Scam Tracker in 2015, there have been over 5,000 employment scams reported in both the United States and Canada.

Ways in which work at home applicants can be vigilant can be done by asking the right questions such as: (1) Why am I being asked to send money right away? (2) Is this job too good to be true? (3) Is the job URL correct? (4) Who have I spoken to?


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