About my work at home office space and why I decided to work from home.


I am wanting to find a work from home job on a full-time basis because of the following reasons:  I do not want to commute more than 5 miles from my home, and all the jobs that are paying anything are more than 15 miles from my apartment.  I also have a complete work from home set up which includes a home phone service, two-line AT&T phone, Plantronics three in one headset, brand new laptop, and other equipment. Aside from the equipment that I have, working from home is the way employers are looking to in order to save resources, money, and operating expenses.  

My personal reasons for working from home are to be able to be here for my companion, which is an 18 month Golden Retriever and needs more time and attention with his training.  I also would like to work from home to be able to work the hours that fit my own schedule, as well as work other jobs, such as my part-time job, and working at home would give me that flexibility.

In closing, working from home is the way employers are looking to in order to be able to save overhead in office costs, pay additional monies for people that drive long distances, and when you can perform the same working from home or better working from home, you support and encourage working from home job opportunities, and make more employers looking into those options for their employees.

I joined www.mommyjobonline.com and love the work at home jobs available for FT and PT with a flexible schedule.


Samuel DeJean Williams